Current ly
October 04, 2005

Yeah! Everbody that can should check out this new TV station Current TV. #1 because they let me guest host a couple of times and it will be running throughout the next few weeks. #2 because it dope! It's station where the content is created by the viewers. For all... [Continue Reading]

August 11, 2005

YOOOOOO! Whatupthough?! I know it's been a minute, but I've been busy and for those of you financially stable enough to hit the stores know what I mean. First it was 3MG . Then it was Felt 2. A couple instores and surprise performances. Then it was the Walk Like... [Continue Reading]

April 14, 2005

Yeah, so this is the official website. Technically everthing is in the process of getting set straight. As for everything else I will try to set it straight right now. #1 I am NOT on the Living Legends Classic Tour. I apologize to those I have disappointed but I will... [Continue Reading]

Living Legends On "Classic" Tour
March 24, 2005

Please note: Murs is not on the "Classic" tour. He explains why here. The Living Legends are currently hitting up the U.S. on the Spring 2005 "Classic" Tour, in promotion of their new album, Classic. We've added the show dates here. For more info on the new Living Legends album... [Continue Reading]

Random 316 Sighting
March 23, 2005

We found this on the Prefuse73 site. Thanks to the author and said site.... [Continue Reading]

Welcome to Murs316.Net
March 15, 2005

We have a gameplan, and we're building this website as you visit. The idea is: as Murs tours and posts messages to his blog, the site will grow and evolve at the same time. You will be witnessing a living, breathing World of Murs. And as fans and visitors, you... [Continue Reading]