August 11, 2005

YOOOOOO! Whatupthough?! I know it's been a minute, but I've been busy and for those of you financially stable enough to hit the stores know what I mean. First it was 3MG . Then it was Felt 2. A couple instores and surprise performances. Then it was the Walk Like A Man DVD/CD with release party. Now that it is all out please go out and pick them up. But feel free to take your time enjoying and consuming them. For those who don't know here's a quick breakdown:
3MG "Grand Caravan To The Rim Of The World" (In Stores Now!)
Eligh, Scarub and myself. 18 tracks mostly produced by Eligh. A more abstract and conscious piece. Definitely one for those fans of early 90's west coast hip hop.
FELT 2 Murs & Slug present a tribute to Lisa Bonet(in stores now!!!)
This is basically, what if Murs joined Atmosphere. And turned it into AtMURSphere. But by no means are the MC's the stars of this so called summertime sleeper hit. ANT really outshines us both with his immaculate production.
Walk Like Man DVD/CD (IN STORES NOW!!!)
Aside from costing me thousands of dollars. This dvd contains a short film based on Murs 3:16 the 9th Edition. It also has every video I've ever made on it. Along with what I've been told is a very funny commentary track. The CD includes new exclusive songs from Blueprint, Brother Ali, Atmosphere, I Self Divine(new album is dope and out this week), Vox Vermillion, Sunset Leagues , Kice, 3MG, and the Hustle remix with Chingo Bling, E-40, and John Cena. All of this for one great low price. Please pick it up I probaly won't make my money back ever but it's really something for ya'll to enjoy and laugh at over the summer. PS PLEASE WATCH WITH COMMENTARY IT WILL ONLY HELP.
Other than that I'd like to thank everybody for coming out to the hot hot rock the bells. It was great to get to meet some of you. And I look forward to meeting the rest of you in the near future. Those of you in L.A. feel free to come through FRIDAY AUGUST 26th to the Knitting Factory(Doors @ 10pm) for my 1st show in LA in over year. Buy tickets online at the Knitting Factory website.

Alright that's all for now. If I think of something later I'll put it up here later.

- Murs