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Good Music
Label: Veritech Records
Released: 1999

My second album. The OG release was a double disc.  The first disc contained the songs you can hear on the edition that's out now, minus one or two cuts. The second disc contained some songs with former members of Log Cabin and a small documentary on CD-ROM, aka the original version of the infamous MCTV.

This was to my knowledge the first of it's kind on the indie circuit, thereby making it another one of my many "inventions" and contributions to the underground game. LOL. Good Music featured my first ever "hit". LOL. "24hrs w/ a G," aka the Grover Song: known to the fans as the "La La La La" song, produced by Thes One of PUTS. He played me the beat back in 1994 and it's still the sh*t to me. This album also had the first #6 song, "Never Eat" prod. by Elusive. It is the first in a series of adult-themed songs I like to place in the #6 position of most of my releases.

"Chico's Chicken" prod. by Quietstorm was an LL posse cut recorded on my first trip to Japan. It was on this trip I met with Higo of Mary Joy Recordings. He licensedGood Music from me which 1. financially enabled me to press up my first CD and 2. Laid the groundwork for many other indie rap artists to have solid Japanese distribution. Another invention. LOL. But the songs that mean the most to me on this album are those I did with my boy 45 ACP (RIP).

Track Listing:
  1. Whatuptho?
  2. Simple
  3. 24hrs. W/ A G (feat. Grover)
  4. Zonin' (feat. 427)
  5. L.A. Story pt. 1 (mylittlebrotheriscrazy)
  6. Never Eat
  7. Regrets? (feat. Sun Ruler / King Sulamon)
  8. That's Him
  9. L.A.Story 2 (freestyle / tagbangerlude)
  10. Room 3:16 starring Rob Feature
  11. Tomorrow
  12. Mystical Way (feat. Eligh / Bruce Hathcock)
  13. Chico's Chicken
  14. Rap Above
  15. Angels (feat. Grouch)
  16. 2 Original (feat. 45 ACP)
  17. L.A. Story pt. 3 (feat. 427 / Luckyiam.PSC)
  18. My Story
  19. Murs Daywalker Intro