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Label: Veritech Records
Released: 1997

It is pronounced "Frill" (like "for real" said really fast. Not "eff real.") It stems from a phrase coined by my little brother and myself when we young lads.

As in:
Young Murs: Hulk Hogan just lost he belt to Ultimate Warrior!
Little Brother: F'REAL?!
Young Murs: Nah not f'real.

This was my first time I actually recorded with the thought that I would combine a bunch of my songs in the form of an album to aptly convey my thoughts on society and self, to the world. To complete this task I decided to enlist a host of producers outside the Living Legends camp.  One: it was just easier. Two: I thought it would broaden our sound as a collective; that way we all didn't have albums that were sonically similar.

The album artwork was done by Shing02. The original release was a blue transparent tape with a full color foldout cover (which was unheard of at the time.)

Most memorable session for this album was, "Say Anything;"  it was just a drunken night of fun. Bicasso played the trumpet, I had just discovered alcohol - Boone's Strawberry Hill to be specific, Arata was doing the chorus in Japanese and it was one of the first songs we ever did in the our new "studio." Fun. The Jerry Maguire Song is one of my favorites from this album. It was the most introspective writing I had done till that point, and one the best delivered rhymes on the album.

Track Listing:
  1. 2 Reasons (feat. Aesop)
  2. 8th Samurai
  3. 4 the Record
  4. BasikMurs (feat. Basik)
  5. Interview with the Dominant (feat. Kirby Dominant)
  6. Dominant Freestyle (feat. Kirby Dominant)
  7. M-3 (Anger)
  8. Say Anything (feat. Grouch / Luckyiam.PSC / Arata / Bicasso)
  9. The Saint
  10. NineFive
  11. The Jerry Maguire Song
  12. Morocco Mike
  13. Live My Life
  14. Nites Like This
  15. The Extras (feat. Big Texas / Evanescent)
  16. Ease Back
  17. The Sermon