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Felt - A Tribute to Christina Ricci (Murs and Slug Present)
Label: Access Hip Hop
Released: 2002

My most popular collaborative effort to date. Totally produced by the Grouch. All vocals lent by Slug (Atmosphere) and yours truly. It holds a special place in my heart because I feel I grew so much as an artist during this project.

Slug is one few artists I admire musically, personally, and professionally. He just called me up ("Dialed up his homie Murs on the telephone") one day said he wanted an excuse to take a vacation and wanted to know if I'd do an EP with him. I said sure, thinking none of my fans, nor his, would see it coming. He stayed at my house for almost two weeks and we wrote most every night, drank beer and smoked cigarettes til the wee hours. Our time spent together during those two weeks turned into two months during the God Loves Ugly Tour, which turned into the Warped Tour, which then matured into the Jimmy Kimmel Show, suddenly mutating into our collaborative punk rock label (Women Records), and finally into our most recent collabo together, Felt 2: A Tribute to ???? ?????. Who knows what the future holds for "The Two". But we definitely got way more tricks up our sleeves so stay tuned.

Now for the most asked question of all time: "Why Christina Ricci?" Because she is fine as hell. To us that is. And one day, I don't know how it came up but we found out we had both dedicated songs to her. So when we finally collaborated we "felt" it only right we do it in honor of her.

The two stand out songs to me  are "Hot Bars" (a more Murs-type of song) and "Aneurysm" (A more Slug-kind of a song), because it demonstrates our ability to travel into each other's creative space and emerge triumphant.  Oh, and I can't forget "Another Knight," just on the strength that "your man's and them" got me to sing on a track. LOL. You see that's why I don't like to pick favorites. I always forget one or two or how much I like every track and why.

Track Listing:
  1. Christina Intro
  2. The Two
  3. Anneurysm
  4. Hot Bars
  5. Suzanne Vega
  6. Rick James
  7. Corey's Interlude
  8. Another Knight
  9. All I Can Do
  10. Ricci Outro