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3:16 The 9th Edition
Label: Definitive Jux
Released: January 01, 2004

This album was my 2nd Def Jux release. It was completely and totally produced by 9th Wonder.

I met 9th via my boy ID. He came to a show we had in Petaluma (shout out to Tsunami Bomb) and out of nowhere says "Does anybody wanna hear these 9th wonder beats?" I all but snatched it out of his hands, kicked everyone out of the van and began listening. Y'see, I had been trying to track this guy down for months ever since my best friend "the hater" Terry H. Smith put me up on his group Little Brother. For the record, this all takes place before 9th prod. the "Threat" on Jay Z's Black Album. Meanwhile back in the van, I listen to about 4 tracks then I open the door and ask ID to get 9th on the phone right then and there.

I talk to him and tell him I originally just wanted a remix for my obligatory Def Jux post-album EP. But after listening to his stuff I had to have him do a whole project.  He agreed, and sent me out a couple of beat cd's. We talked back and forth for a couple of months and agreed I would record the tracks in L.A. and send them to him for mixing and what not. After my first unsuccessful attempt, I rung him up and told I was coming to North Carolina to record, after a week or so of him arguing with my stubborn ass. I arose with what some have called one of my best releases. I learned a whole lot recording with 9th. And made a gang of friends. As far as tracks that stand out, to me it's all one song or moment. No one part of it is more special than another.

Track Listing:
  1. Intro
  2. Bad Man!
  3. 3:16
  4. The Pain
  5. Trevor An' Them
  6. Freak These Tales
  7. H-U-S-T-L-E
  8. Walk Like A Man
  9. And This Is For...
  10. The Animal feat. Phonte of Little Brother