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Do More + Yeah
Label: Veritech Records
Released: 2000

These two titles were actually two separate projects. They were the last two tapes I ever released. The reason for releasing them aside from needing money, was Mum's the Word and I had built a beautiful working relationship/friendship and were still making good songs post Murs Rules The World. So after awhile I figured, "Why not put them out?" I for one am an artist who feels that the growth and the art shouldn't stop between release dates. I am blessed enough to have a great number of wonderful supporters  that enable me to lead the "artist" life so I figure why not supply them with the art they deserve. When I was younger I always wished my favorite artist would put out more material. So now that I am fortunate enough to have fans I try to supply with quality material frequently. The photos on both of the original cover were tribute to my adoration and deep appreciation  for Latin Women.

Track Listing:
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