AGE: 23
HEIGHT: 6'4"

AesopROCK hails from the mighty city of New York. Showcasing his talent on the Overground, this kid has balls like a Chihuahua.

Once I seen him eat, like, 4 mics and break like 47 teeth.

Looking out for preschoolers and other children of birthright, dude helps out in farm circles and lifts buildings whenever he can. Some tend to think this as odd or obscene, but the truth separates it from nonfiction.

So sit back, relax, vibe off this web page and download an MP3 or two.

-AesopROCK & Co.

SQUIRT.NICE: what's up mang?

AesopROCK: chilling dunston.

SQUIRT.NICE: what set you claiming yo?

AesopROCK: no set really. i claim no crew, really, i'm just down with a bunch of heads on a similar vibe. you know, flossin' the jiggy life style, rocking ice, etc.

SQUIRT.NICE: i like the subtle overground references on a few of the tracks. how long you been rhyming?




"Appleseed" is the latest release from AesopROCK, spanning 8 full tracks and wholesum sexual pleasures for your ears. Production comes in all kinds of colors this time out, featuring the likes of AesopROCK, Omega and Block. And let's not forget to mention a guest appearance by the man Dose One himself. Tastiest of tasties, pick up this new EP on Compact Disco.

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  01. Appleseed Intro
02. Dryspell
03. Same Space (Tugboat Complex)
04. Sick Friend
05. Hold the Cup
06. 1,000 Deaths
07. Blue In the Face
08. Odessa (featuring Dose One)

Pet It, Squeeze It. Nice.

"Appleseed" is OUT OF PRINT!
Much Love On the Support!

Check out AesopROCK's "FLOAT" On Mush Recordings.

Available Online At:

September 8th 2000
"Appleseed" goes out of print.

August 12th 2000
Mailing List Returns.

June 30th 2000
AesopROCK says the new Double LP record for MUSH Recordings is complete and will be called "Float". Guest appearances include production by Blockhead as well as Aesop himself, in addition to a vocal appearance by Rhymesayer, Slug. The record should be printing up right about now, and we'll have additional info and sound clips at the site shortly. Stay tuned.

February 4 th 2000
Vote for AesopROCK.Com at the Online HipHop Awards!

Check out Aesop's Tugboat Complex Pt. II On Blown Records' "Inside Out" Compilation, available now at

Blown Records also has a 2LP recording forthcoming, with an entire side (4 songs) dedicated to AesopRock! Check out the FoolBlown website (above) for more info.

Check out this tight-ass interview with Aesop over at UrbanEearth.Com. One love to Tre' Boogs and the crew over there!

Aesop is currently recording his first record for Mush Recordings. One of the songs will be a collaboration with Rhymesayers emcee Slug! More news as it develops. This will be a full-length release.

November 15th 1999
"Earthworms" officially out of print.

November 1st 1999
"Appleseed" debuts online.

November 1st 1999
"Music For Earthworms" is going out of print! Only about 20 copies left. Ordering info is below.

August 19th 1999

We are now: !!

July 30th 1999

AesopROCK & Co. are proud to present 2 never-before released MP3's for your listening pleasure. Please hop over to the AesopROCK page at MP3.COM to grab the new tracks, and be sure to mail us and let us know what you think!

July 30th 1999
If you're trying to stay connected to what AesopROCK is doing, then the best thing you could do is join the AesopROCK E-Mailing List. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and be sure to sign up. Updates will come perhaps 1nce a month.

July 15th 1999
Check for AesopROCK on The Controls' debut album "One Hundred" on Sm:)e Communications Records. Pick It Up Now.


"Music For Earthworms" is GONE. Thanks for the love! Check out "Appleseed", the new shit from AesopROCK.

(RealPlayer Needed)

  01. Abandon All Hope
02. Wake Up Call (feat. Percee-P)
03. The Substance
04. Merit
05. 89.9FM Nighttrain Promo
06. Live On 89.9FM Nighttrain
07. Coward of the Year (REMIX)
08. Shere Kahn
09. Antisocial
10. Coordinates
11. Plastic Soldiers
12. Troubled Waters

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